Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kids Room - FREE Printable

So I have been experimenting on printables lately! The font industry is huge, and having seen some great ideas all over the net I decided it was time I dabbled into the art myself. 

So today I am giving away a FREE Printable file, that you can easily use in your kid’s bedroom anywhere. This is a A4 size page/ card stock, or can be made into a poster. I decided to keep it simple for my first one – it says “Even a superhero has to go to bed” 

I am going crazy lately about lovely quotes and fun punch lines, made into inspirational home d├ęcor pieces. So here is my humble first attempt at the thing. More free stuff to follow.  :)

You can download the PDF file here
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Small print: 
Please note that, this image is for personal use only! 
NOT to be used for any commercial purpose. 

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