Monday, 25 April 2016

Trip to the A&E

October 2015:  I had a little bloody vomit accident for which we rushed to the hospital ! 
Thinking back at that time I guess my husband panicked more than I did ! 
Story goes like this 
I woke up at 5 in the morning and got sick (my normal routine) and saw that my puke was pink at first and then brown.
The first thing to do in such a situation will be DONT PANIC ! 
I hit the stopper on sink and collected a sample for the doctor to see . 
Next I woke my husband and we went to the A &E . 
After several initial check ups and details on what I ate last night , which was lamb curry (my mistake it was a little spicier than usual ) I was sent to the clinic to have the baby's heart beat checked . 
Everything seemed normal but they wanted to keep in under observation ... 
I changed into a hospital gown ( which made me feel sick ) 
I got a bed , people took my bloods, my heartbeat and blood pressure was being monitored ! All this really made me feel sicker than usual ! 
But I decided to keep a happy face amid all this ! The moment I started laughing the readings on the monitor spiked up ! It was so funny ! Hubby and I had a good laugh ... Ever heard that in an A&E ? 

About 5 hours later they told me the reason this happened was I had a little bister or cut in my oesophagus due irritation from the stomach acids (since the constant heart burn as well ) they thought I was low risk because I didn't puke again with bloods in it . 

We were then sent to the labour ward in the hospital where I would go few months down the line to have baby Elena  (more on that later ) and I got to see her again ! My precious baby in another scan ! This was to make sure all is well and the placenta and the baby are intact ! Well she was as happy as a rabbit ! Jumping up and down and moving all around ! No clue about what's going on outside ☺️

The whole day was tiring at most , but the best part was to see my baby girl again ! As this wasn't a scheduled scan. 
This whole experience gave us a chance for the hospital tour we didn't get to have. 

Tips from my experience would be -
1. Not every problem will be fatal for the baby. 
2. Thumb rule is to keep calm , stress will not do you any good. 
3. Take samples if possible , if not pictures are good too for the doctors to understand what could have gone wrong. 
4. Keep your doctor's or midwife's contact details handy. 
5. Always carry snacks or fruits with you . I regretted not having them with me there.

With that said be positive and know that this kind of an experience might not happen to you at all. Like my midwife always said "every pregnancy is different!" And everyone will deal with things differently. 
So I leave you with this thought now ... See you soon ! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Scan time !

Hello readers ! 
This is like a little virtual diary that I am keeping ... Feels so amazing to be able to write these little things down :) (well type technically) 
I remember I stopped writing a diary when I was in collage just coz my brother had read it once and it irritated the hell out of me. But now it's a different story :) 
It feels like a release more than anything ! 
Yes ! being a new mom can be stressful at times. 
How do I find time to write a post ? Well I don't I am just making use of my time ;) while my lil one sleeps and I don't feel like sleeping ! 
Today I am thinking back at my 20 weeks scan ! The time when I find out about the sex of the baby. 
Oh what an exciting day it was ! We both had taken a day off from work ,got up nice and early ,went to the hospital and while we were waiting to be called in I said to Mr K (hubby) that it's absolutely gonna be a boy! He asked me y is that ?  
I said - "because i want a girl "
He smiled and said "what ever it is it's gonna be perfect". 
I thought to myself "well of course it's gonna be perfect " 
Some of you may find it weird that Iam addressing my baby as "it ", but it's in that moment when you know the gender you start feeling even more attached to your baby and because now you know what it is , it's now a he or a she. 
Once we went inside and the scan lady told me it was a very active baby girl ... I quite literally jumped with joy !!  
It was happening ! ☺️ 
Here are some pictures 

It was the craziest happy feeling I have ever felt in my entire life to see little Elena move and kick so much in my belly ☺️! 
Bless the person who invented ultrasound machines ! Millions of moms all over the world are feeling the joy because of it 😃 
Even if it would have been a boy I would have been equally happy just having a baby girl first was my wish .. I don't know why but it was. 
Anyway back to the present ! Time to attend to a crying baby ! 
Cya until next time !! 


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Our first pregnancy

Hello readers ! 
It's 7pm and as my little one sleeps beside me (totally laughing in her sleep ) I start to wonder how I made this cute little bundle of joy ! Well of course we all know how ! But I think every new mom goes through this phase where we are in awe of how the female body is made ! It's just incredible !! 
Looking back I didn't announce my pregnancy to the world at all , nope there was no posts on FB or Twitter or Instagram ! Not until after my baby girl was born. 
When we found out we just told our closest friends, family and my colleagues. So i feel like documenting things now while i can ! (That baby brain thing does happen its true ! )

My life as a pregnant lady started near my birthday in June , we had just come back from a wonderful holiday to Cornwall and I don't know if it was the relaxed state of mind or what but we got the jackpot ! I say that because we had been trying for quite some time now .

When I found out - 
I was confused ! I just randomly took the test thinking as usual it won't be it ! And I just forgot about it , sometime later when I went and checked it was positive ! 
I was am confused ! Funny enough happiness was not what I felt ! 
I slowly went to my sleeping husband and told him the news and then I started to cry... Well I blame it on the hormones 😜 But 3 positive tests later the feeling was sinking in and I felt excited and happy! 

It was one exciting day ! 
Now when I look back it feels like yesterday ☺️ time just flies ☺️ I can hear my little ones soft snores right beside me and it's the best feeling ever. 
to conclude this post 
Here is a pic from the past 

 This was at 15 weeks :) 
Until next time! 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Hi everyone ! 
I am PJ from United Kingdom and I will be documenting my first time mommy life on this blog. 
Right from my pregnancy to delivery and beyond. 
I hope this little blog will make me and my baby laugh one day :) and prove to be a source of information on some of my experiences as a pregnant lady and a new mom ! :) 
Welcome to a new chapter of my life ! 
Welcome to "My Mommy Life "