Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kids Room - FREE Printable

So I have been experimenting on printables lately! The font industry is huge, and having seen some great ideas all over the net I decided it was time I dabbled into the art myself. 

So today I am giving away a FREE Printable file, that you can easily use in your kid’s bedroom anywhere. This is a A4 size page/ card stock, or can be made into a poster. I decided to keep it simple for my first one – it says “Even a superhero has to go to bed” 

I am going crazy lately about lovely quotes and fun punch lines, made into inspirational home décor pieces. So here is my humble first attempt at the thing. More free stuff to follow.  :)

You can download the PDF file here
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Small print: 
Please note that, this image is for personal use only! 
NOT to be used for any commercial purpose. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

6 Ways Of Using A Swaddle Blanket

 Hello Everyone ! 
Aren't swaddle blankets the best ? 
They help keep your little one snug and comfy, and you can be trendy with the designs.
 So my post today is all about them! 

Here are my top 6 uses of a swaddle blanket.

1. A Basic Swaddle 

Well, that's what the blanket is for! So one way to use it is to swaddle the baby. Swaddling a newborn creates that snug feeling of still being in their mother's womb. It also helps against baby getting jittery and getting up at night. Elena slept like a breeze when swaddled during those early days. But she quickly (by about 8 weeks) grew aware of it and started pushing her hands out. 

And that's here trying to push her hands out. 

2.  Photo Background

This is one of my most favorite uses of a swaddle. I love photographing Elena whenever I can. You will probably doing this a lot too. I try and take pictures on my phone and my digital SLR.one after the other. So that i have something on my phone to share quickly with my friends and the Hi res images from the DSLR go into my laptop later for editing if needed.
unfortunately during my first few weeks with my daughter, I wasn't able to capture pictures of her on my SLR as she was really sensitive to lighting. She would just wake up if I turn the light on or keep her near the window. So I worked with my phone for any pictures possible. It's not visible here due to some filtering that I did while capturing this picture, but there are pin stripes on the blanket in baby pink.

3. Summer Blanket

This is another use of a swaddle blanket. No matter if it is a angular swaddle or a rectangular one, they always make great summer blankets because they are light and airy. If you are using a muslin one, that's even better! There are so many options available these days its just amazing.

4. Tummy Time Blanket

It is recommended to give your baby tummy time after about 3 months. I wasn't very keen on it but the good effects of tummy time made it totally worth the effort (more on that later).
So using your swaddle blanket for tummy time is great. They are light and if baby drools or brings out a bit of milk, that would totally save ur carpets and floors from getting messy and it will give a soft base for the baby to rest on. 

5. Pram / Car Seat Canopy

During those sunny days you will probably need a little canopy to save baby from direct sunlight on their face or body. You can easily use ur swaddle for covering your pram or car seat to stop the direct sun. It's breathable and if you leave some room to the sides for air to pass through it's even better.

6. Nursing cover

In an emergency, when you have forgotten your actual nursing cover and need to feed, swaddle blankets can be used as make shift nursing covers. I have done it, its not the best of things but it is good enough.

So that's the end of my list ! If you have any more suggestions I would love to hear them. 
For now, that's it from me. 
Namaste 🙏🏻